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for pet sitting in CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA

 "We will be there - Because we care"


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"At Home Sitters we offer on-site pet sitting for all your pets in their own home. No packing, no special vaccinations, no change in routine, no worries - lock up and go. Cuddles, play time & walks* with all pet care assignments. We provide  PEACE of MIND"

Most pets enjoy their own environment best and may dislike the changes that holidays can bring when they are sent  to new places. Pets may become stressed, and withdrawn when away from their own home. 

Some pets are more suited for boarding homes, especially when pets are single, sickly, geriatric or prone to continuous barking when owners are away for extended periods of time - we will advise you as to this option.

Our Certified Pet Sitters will ensure your usual animal care and feeding routine while you are away on holiday or business.

We deliver 1, 2 or 3 daily visits as per your request, or a personal sleep-over service to take care of your indoor pets. We cater for special needs and administering of medication too. We care for your pets as if they were our own. All Pet Sitters are independent business owners and certified for pet care competency.

Daily "pat and play time" and "head to tail" checks are part of our daily service. Walks are optional.

We include in our pet care services the following: ALL PETS, your pool, post, plants*, poop, refuge bin placing and daily perimeter checks for peace of mind. Inside light and alarm management included if required.

Book or query by clicking below. Our area specialists are ready to take your call. 

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 Please HELP us raise 1000 food items this CHRISTMAS for rescue shelters in Cape Town. We will donate a further 100 kgs to match our 1st donation from Pet Projects. We require canned food, pellets and biscuits for distribution by 7 December 2014. Please email or sms 0832734477 with your contact details and address (Cape Town) only and we will call to collect. There will also be a lucky draw of FREE pets sits for all donators. Thank you for your support.

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Home Sitters Cape Town, launches a CRIME ALERT campaign in their areas of influence around Cape Town.

The flyers includes information that may save your home from been burgled, as well as an introductory offer worth R 89.00 for new and existing clients. Please download the above PDF attachment above and let your sitter know you are entitled to a discount. Offers valid until 31 November 2014.

Our crime initiative is aimed at public awareness of local crime tactics and how to pick up on criminal activities in your area, as well as creating awareness to our services which include all your pets care, post, pool, perimeter, plants and poop.

Insurance companies claim that homes with certified pet sitters are LESS likely to be broken into, as the homes seems occupied and attended to. A simple task like putting out the bin and bringing in the post while owners are away, indicate a presence of people, and are less likely to be robbed. 

To claim this discount, mention the special to your pet sitter when payment is due, and they will discount your pet sit assignment.

Offers valid until end of November 2014

Dear pet owners and value clients

As the new year gathers to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of our pet care business in 2013.

We as a company could not have achieved the competency and confidence levels we did, without your ongoing support and feedback. Most of the  licensees (Pet Sitters) achieved their internal pet care certification which enables them to better care for your loved ones while providing a value added service while you are away.

As a company, we have successfully completed over 9000 individual  assignments in 2011 & 2012 & 2013 in many Cape Town suburbs. 

In December 2013 we cared for more than 900 pets in more than 300 homes in Cape Town - References available for all our pet care professionals.

As the stewards of pets and homes in 2013, our vision for “Excellent pet care to absent owners” will continue to develop and expand with your support. 

Best wishes - Leigh & Amanda De Wet (Licensors) & all our Regional Suburb Licensees.

Join our Team - Applications for Pet Care Business Owner Licensees now open for 2014